Special Enquiry Detail - The Hand that Feeds

Special Enquiry Detail - The Hand that Feeds

A hidden-object game with an entangled story of greed, drugs, and murder

In this hidden-object game you play the role of two agents from a new investigation unit in the New York Police Department, Special Enquiry Detail. You are appointed to investigate one of the murder of Carmody Phelps, the daughter of a millionaire renowned for his charity work. The girl was shot in her room late at night, and evidence leads you to think that it is not a common robbery, there is something quite shady going on and it is your task to find it out.
With that objective in mind, you and your partner arrive to the crime scene to start the investigation. Your first tasks will be to examine the girls' room to collect objects and gather evidence that could lead you to the suspects. You will be going through numerous locations in New York searching for new clues as you connect the data found to advance in the investigation. Every scene presents a number of tasks for you to solve, the main one is collect the objects enumerated on a list. Useful objects will be stored in the inventory section for you to combine them and use them when needed. Apart from the classic object hunt, you will be solving smart puzzles (deciphering safe codes, snicking past guards, etc.) while inquiring people related to Carmody, among them her parents, friends, and particularly her boyfriend, who appears as the main suspect.
A couple of on-screen buttons assist you while you play: to the right of the screen there are two icons; the GPS will indicate your current location on the map, - sometimes you can even choose the location you want to investigate--, and the notebook will show you the tasks you need to accomplish. Clicking on the police badge to the right of the screen will give you hints to locate objects and also clues about your next steps.
The game presentation and cut scenes use a very cinematic style to tell the story, and dialogs between the characters are quite balanced, always keeping the focus on the central subject. Locations look photorealistic, and have been beautifully illustrated.
If you are a fan of this type of games, you know that crime/investigation is a theme that has been over exploited in HOGs these days, however this entangled story of greed, drugs, and murder manages to keep you intrigued to the end.

Mariel Rearte
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  • Intriguing, solid storyline
  • Awesome graphics
  • Clever mini games to solve


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